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Territory Design

By analyzing customer demographics and sales trends, companies can strategically divide their sales territories to ensure maximum coverage and penetration. This results in higher productivity and more efficient use of sales resources, allowing sales representatives to focus their efforts on areas with the highest potential for growth.


Additionally, effective territory planning helps companies identify opportunities for expansion, target new customers and increase brand awareness. With a well-planned and executed territory strategy, sales can be increased by reducing duplication of effort and increasing efficiency in target markets.

Compensation Plans

Effective sales compensation planning helps increase sales by providing clear and aligned incentives for salespeople. When sales reps understand exactly how they can earn rewards for their performance, they are motivated to put in the effort and make more sales.


The compensation plan should reflect the company's goals and should be tied to specific objectives and targets. This helps sales reps focus on the right behaviors and helps ensure that the company's resources are being invested in the most effective ways.


By aligning incentives with sales goals, companies can foster a sales culture that is focused on results, which ultimately leads to increased sales and better business outcomes.

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