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Founder & CEO

Fred founded CCG after more than 27 years of progressive consulting & sales experience at companies like Accenture, IRI, Nielsen, Trax Retail, MSA and others.


Over the past few decades, Fred developed a deep expertise in both building and leading sales teams and is passionate about CCG's proven Sales Transformation process. Fred holds an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh and a Masters in Engineering from Johns Hopkins University.


Fred and his wife, Katie, who is also in sales, keep very busy at home with two little ones - Amina and Osiris. In their free time, Fred & Katie love to travel, ski and make homemade wine


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Mike LaScola

SVP, Sales & Transformation

Mike brings over a decade of progressive consulting & sales experience to the CCG team. Mike's background and expertise is heavily focused on the CPG industry, where he was responsible for selling and implementing enterprise software and analytic solutions at many of the world's largest CPG manufacturers.

Mike holds a Finance degree from Miami University's Farmer School of Business and is passionate about bringing together his finance and analytics expertise to bring new and innovative solutions to the sales process.


Mike and his wife, Katy, welcomed their first daughter, Claire, in 2020. In his free time, you can find Mike on the golf course, enjoying some live music or spending some quality time at home with his family.


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Deb McCarrison

VP, Finance & Operations

Deb brings more than 19 years of professional experience to the CCG team.


Deb's primary responsibility is to manage the operations and finances of CCG. This includes financial planning, managing financial risks, record-keeping, reporting, budgeting, and managing all business matters.


Deb holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management. In her spare time, Deb enjoys her family (which includes 5 grandchildren), pets, biking, hiking, reading, and travel.

Mike Daly

Director, Sales Transformation

Mike brings more than 6 years of progressive lead generation and sales experience to the CCG team. Working for companies like Yelp and Nielsen, Mike developed a rich knowledge of the Lead Generation process and has a proven expertise in CRM and Sales Enablement software.


Mike's unique background and experience across every phase of the sales transformation process made him a perfect fit and an invaluable asset to the CCG team.


Mike lives with his girlfriend Emily in Chicago's West Town neighborhood. When he's not following Chicago sports, he spends his time trying out new recipes in the kitchen.

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Mores Caballero

ADR Team Lead Asia-Pacific

Mores Caballero joins the CCG team with 10+ years of professional experience in sales, marketing, product management, design & development.

Mores graduated with a degree in Information Technology, which he credits for giving him a solid foundation in understanding technical processes and is driven towards problem solving and process improvement initiatives.


Mores is a father of 2 twin boys (Akuu and Akii) and enjoys spending his weekend watching Netflix, YouTube educational series' and documentaries and trying new meals with his wife, Lenie, and his boys, who love ramen and sushi!

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Joe Bruni

US Account Executive Lead

Joe brings 3+ years of professional experience to the CCG team. In prior roles, Joe developed a unique perspective and expertise in recruiting, lead generation and software sales.

Joe holds a degree from the University of Dayton, where he majored in Marketing with an emphasis in Sales. While at UD, Joe was a member of the varsity football team. His passion for competition fueled Joe's interest in sales.

Joe lives in Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood and enjoys participating in the city's intramural sports scene and supporting his beloved Chicago sports teams.

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Rebecca Bello Head of Product and Marketing C 585-727-7122 thinkcadence_edited_edited.jpg

Joe Reinemann

US ADR Team LeaD

Joe brings 3+ years of experience in IT and SaaS Sales to the CCG team. Through working both on the technical and sales fronts, Joe has developed a unique skill set for solving complex problems. 

Joe grew up in Upstate New York where he was a volunteer firefighter and EMT before attending Syracuse University and receiving a bachelors in Information Management and Technology, with a concentration in Project Management.In his free time, Joe likes to ski, cook, and spend time with his partner, Elizabeth, and dog, Lucy

Rebecca Bello

Head of product and marketing

Rebecca joins CCG with over 15 years experience across product, marketing and sales. A leader with a proven track record of generating growth, she has excelled at leading product teams, evangelizing companies through extensive digital marketing and empowering sales teams through enablement. 

Rebecca has an MBA from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs as well as two Bachelors Degrees from Binghamton University, one in Marketing and another in Leadership and Consulting.

Rebecca lives in Rochester, NY with her husband Greg and two children, Abby (14) and Grayson (4). In her free time, she loves to spend time with her kids, talk about how much she loves dinosaurs and watch scary movies.

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Rebecca Bello Head of Product and Marketing C 585-727-7122 thinkcadence_edited.jpg

Bonie Jay Manatad


Bonie brings over a decade of technical experience to CCG. The deep technical abilities source from being an Information Technology Officer for a government agency in the Philippines to multiple years in technical support focusing on efficiently triaging and resolving an immense array of technical challenges to create seamless customer experiences. More recently, Bonie has repurposed his technical skills to help CCG prospects and clients excel based on his experience.


Bonie has a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology and is a proud member of the Darts Organization of Tacloban, using his aptitude for precision and excellence to beat out the competition.


In his personal life, Bonie deeply cherishes his role as a father to Jave Angelo and a loving husband to his wife Joy. They are his pillars of support in this incredible journey called life.

Hannah Medalla


Hannah, an ADR here at CCG, uses her deep business acumen to brainstorm perfect solutions for clients. Beyond her Entrepreneurship degree, Hannah also has extensive experience running her own family business. Her deep understanding of the pressures of a business owner coupled with the demands of also being responsible for the sales, marketing and employees to grow her own business, lends a personalized perspective for each client engagement. Hannah understands our clients because she’s been in their shoes!


Beyond her passion for business, Hannah also has a passion for life and embracing the beauty of each day. Hannah is a proud parent to two awesome kiddos, Kael and Kaylee with her a supportive partner, James. Hannah brings her creativity and joy to all avenues of her life and whether she is being a business woman, mom, or chef, she does it with love.


The Team



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